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Smith & Western Sound is a ground breaking Sonic Branding Agency, renowned for its expertise in sound design, music composition, and audio strategies catered to global clientele. Founded in 2010 by Nick West and Dan Higson, the agency has continuously evolved and expanded its offerings, earning numerous awards along the way.

Nick West Co-Founder, Creative Director

Nick understands how sound propels brand success, recognising its pivotal role in conveying a brand's personality. His contributions have been instrumental in shaping the sonic identities of many renowned brands worldwide, including those with roots in Australia. He Co-founded the acclaimed sound studio, Smith and Western, in 2010 and has curated soundtracks for countless projects, showcasing his decades-long expertise as a composer, sound designer, and creative director. Nick consistently brings a depth of knowledge and skill to every project he undertakes.

Dan Higson Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Composer, Sound Designer

Dan has worked in music and sound industry all his life. His journey began with dreams of pop stardom, performing in various bands in the London pop scene. But the magic happened when he jumped over the fence into the world of jingles (as it was known back then). Since then, his journey into composing and producing applied music has spanned over twenty-five years, with experiences in both London and now Sydney. In that time, Dan's sonic creations have been the driving force behind selling everything from airlines and cars to department stores, nappies, chocolates, sports drinks, fast food, TV stations, mobile phones, magazines, and a whole lot more. Before co-founding Smith & Western with Nick, Dan honed his skills at some of the world's top music houses, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the 'music for advertising'​ industry.

Jacob Hedges Sound Designer, Engineer

Jacob's journey in sound has led him through a Bachelor of Music and Sound Design, a Graduate Certificate in Audio and Acoustics, and currently, a PhD in Immersive Audio for VR. Along the way, he has worked in a variety of roles within the audio production industry, including on documentaries, audiobooks, podcasts, films, animations, and interactive experiences that have been released around the world. He has also shared his knowledge as a Sound Design tutor at a university level. In 2020, Jacob reached out to Smith and Western for an opportunity to apply his newly developed skills, and since then he continues to be a part of the team while pursuing his academic goals. Jacob loves nothing more than the challenge of bringing things to life with sound and impressing clients with his wide range of expertise.

Abby Dorrian Head of New Business

With extensive production experience on both sides of the hemisphere, Abby has stretched her skills across a range of creative roles in the industry ranging from acting, to costume designing to production assisting before eventually landing in her natural habitat of New Business and Creative Development. She represented an international roster for the Sweetshop in London before relocating to Australia for Mint Films where she cultivated a roster nurturing and establishing emerging talent. A professional voiceover artist for over 2 decades, it was this experience in audio production, her childhood obsession with jingles, a global creative network and an understanding of how the production cycle is synthesised that lead to her being welcomed by Smith & Western Sound Studios as their Head of New Business in APAC. Abby’s resounding motivation is to create opportunities for excellence in craft in storytelling, by curating the right teams and championing creativity from the rafters in all its forms.


  • AGDA 2021 MERIT AWARD Bank West
  • AGDA 2021 MERIT AWARD Finch
  • BRITISH LIONS 2017 GOLD AWARD SOUND Temptations Treats "Keep Them Busy"
  • AWARD AWARD 2017 BRONZE AWARD BEST MUSIC Tourism Queensland "I Know Just The Place"
  • AWARD AWARD 2017 GOLD AWARD CHARITY Parkinson's NSW "The Lucky Ones"
  • PROMAXBDA 2016 GOLD BEST MUSIC Happy Birthday David Attenborough
  • CANNES BRONZE LION 2016 HEALTH + WELLNESS Parkinson's NSW "The Lucky Ones"
  • PROMAXBDA SILVER 2015 BEST REALITY I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
  • SPIKES ASIA BRONZE 2015 FILM CRAFT Nutri-Grain 'Unstoppable'
  • PROMAXBDA SILVER 2014 BEST REALITY I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
  • SPIKES ASIA GOLD 2014 RADIO VW Spare Parts 'William Tell’
  • SPIKES ASIA SILVER 2014 RADIO VW Spare Parts Campaign
  • AWARD AWARD 2013 RADIO Up to 30-sec VW Spare Parts 'William Tell'
  • AWARD AWARD 2013 RADIO CAMPAIGN VW Spare Parts Campaign
  • AWARD AWARD 2013 RADIO BEST Use of music VW Spare Parts Campaign
  • ADFEST 2013 BEST MUSIC Toohey's Five Seeds
  • APRA SCREEN AWARDS 2013 BEST MUSIC TIGER BEER 'Rise of the Megacity'
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