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We offer a complete rage of audio services from our fully equipped studios in Redfern, Sydney.


Smith and Western are established leaders in the sonic branding space. We expertly craft all the elements of a brands sonic identity from a sonic logo, through to an entire suite of brand music and even down to the button noises on an app, ensuring your sonic identity is always on brand.


We’re experts at creating attention-grabbing music for all kinds of media, from catchy ads to brand anthems. With our team’s wide-ranging expertise in every genre and style, we guarantee your music will stand out and make an impact.


Whether you’re working on film, TV, or music projects, our experienced sound designers and engineers deliver an unparalleled audio experience. From a simple voice-over record to a full tracklay, every detail is captured and refined to perfection at our comfortable studios in Redfern.


We have a proven track record of crafting dynamic and engaging content for the airwaves. From script writing to sound engineering, our award-winning team ensures your radio campaigns not only excite the ears but also ignite the imagination.


Our expert team are great at finding that hidden gem of a track to complement your next film, TV series, advertisement or media project. We also excel at negotiating with record and publishing companies worldwide and handling contract negotiations easily.


At Smith & Western, we scout for voices that aren’t just heard but felt. We delve deep into the art of voice selection and uncover unique, memorable voices to represent your brand. We offer many years of experience in voice direction to help achieve that perfect read.


Simplify your search and elevate your projects with our comprehensive library of production music. Each track has been produced to the highest standards to complement your vision and suit your budget.


Embark on a seamless podcasting journey with our Podcast Production team. From conceptualisation to distribution, we offer a comprehensive solution for creating compelling and professional podcasts. We handle the entire process, from theme composition, scriptwriting and recording to editing and post-production.


While music and sound AI tools are impressive, they lack the human touch and personalised approach we offer at Smith and Western. We embrace AI and use it to enhance our creativity, not replace it. Our compositions bring emotional depth, unique storytelling, and customisation tailored to your brand. Understanding your needs and building strong relationships ensures each piece perfectly fits your identity. We stay updated on the latest trends and invest in high-quality production, offering a distinct, bespoke style and flexibility that AI will never match. Effective sonic branding is crucial, and our goal is to deliver sonic assets that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand.

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