We offer a complete range of audio services in the world of sound and music from our fully-equipped, boutique studios in Redfern


We use a state of the art, song-writing computer called the ‘Hadley 6000’ which uses DNA samples taken from Chris Martin, Barry Gibb and Chopin. We even use 3 of the 9 forbidden notes in many of our compositions. Our main music studio is tuned to the key of D. We're happy to work with clients who clap on 1 and 3. We create every kind of music including Flinch, Detroit Muscle, Electronic Parp and Chutney Dub.


Our world-class engineers have ears designed by NASA and do not need sleep. They are conditioned to deal with shenanigans, kerfuffles, schmozzles and palavers
at the same time as long as they get regular sausages and beer. All our equipment is grain-free and designed to withstand an explosion in a stupid factory. Our final mixes are made out of 100% organic recyclable material and are available in small, medium and large and in a wide range of sustainable colours.


If supervision is your thing, we can supervise.


We only use men, women and children who can talk using words and sentences. Most are able to read and speak at the same time though not normally in the same room. At Smith & Western we’re able to look at a script and imagine how it will sound with or without lip buzz or salival opacity.

Radio production

Before TV there was radio. Before radio there were books. Before books there was sitting around a fire telling stories. Let us tell your story in an interpretive dance ... or radio. Up to you. Either way, let's make advertising history!

Library Music

Shhhh! You're in a library.